Slow Flow Yoga : A gentle Yoga, perfect for beginners, or those wanting to slow things down with a focus on alignment and posture.

Vinyasa Yoga : In this class, we will generate heat in our body as we string postures together, moving seamlessly using the breath.

Yin Yoga : A slow-paced Yoga class focusing on restoring the body and mind by holding poses for a couple of minutes.

Pilates (Mat Based) : Create alignment in the body with mind-muscle connection whilst strengthening the core and correcting posture.

Pilates Fusion (Mat Based): Pilates and conditioning combined. In this duo, we will fuse Pilates style movements with bands, balls and light weights to lengthen your muscles and elevate your heart rate.

Barre : With a Ballet influence, moving with the music - get deep into the small muscles we neglect in everyday life to strengthen and stabilize, all while having some FUN!

Barre Fusion : Barre intensified ! Everything you love about Barre fused with cardio bursts and banging tunes, you can rest when its over.

HIIT 45 : High-intensity interval training in a 45min format - A high energy class to build strength and endurance while bringing on a good sweat.

Cardio 45 : A guided 45 minute class designed to elevate your heart rate and get your body sweating, with the use of steps and body weight.



Come strengthen, align, and sculpt your body in our 50-minute Pilates Reformer Classes.


Foundations is a class designed to guide Women of all fitness levels, and those new, and /or with injury through a guided series of resistance-based sequences on the reformer bed, to encourage mobility, flexibility, strengthen, lengthen, invite new functional patterns, and slowly sculpt the body – with an encouraged focus to bring awareness and connection to one’s body and mind.



All levels are classes designed to guide Women of experienced fitness levels, through a guided series of resistance-based sequences on the reformer bed, with the same focus as Foundations, yet with a little extra challenge and energy.


Our classes are intimate to make sure you get individualized and perusal attention from our superstar instructors.


SWEAT (Cardio Burst)

A Cardiovascular Blast program for those feeling ready, energised and in Day 1 – 20 of cycle (unless, otherwise feeling ready to go).

Sweat is a class designed to include a high level of energy and intensity - simultaneously improving your cardiovascular fitness, strength, and endurance.

ENDURE (Strength & Endurance):

A Strength & Endurance program for those feeling strong and rejuvenated and in Day 1 - 20 of cycle (unless otherwise feeling ready to go).

Endure is a class designed to include energetic interval movements - specifically designed to strengthen and simultaneously change your body composition.

This program will guide you through longer movements, followed by a shorter rest period of intense movement, incorporating weightlifting and high intensity exercises – designed to challenge your mind and body beyond comfort for the benefits of improved strength and physical tone.

EMPOWER (Power & Agility):

A power and agility program for those daring for a combination of movement.

Empower is a class designed to include and improve stability, mobility, and balance, including directional movement and quick changes – focusing on body mind connection, clearing the mind and neurological pathway health and long-term movement of daily tasks.

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