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Samsara Platinum

All Women's 24hr Gym
Reformer Pilates
Functional / HIIT Training
Infrared Sauna's
Yin, Yoga, Barre & more

Welcome To Samsara
All Women's | 24 Hours | Gym | Studio | Wellness Center

In a world of busy and unknown, SamsaraWHC has become a wellness destination for Women on the Gold Coast.


Samsara offers YOU a space to restore and rejuvenate, a space to increase your mental and physical strength and increase your resilience to managing life's stressors, a space to embrace the calm, to quieten the mind and to inspire YOU to live a healthier life.


Reformer Pilates

Classes Coming With Samsara Platinum

A functional movement using reformer Pilates machines designed to bring alignment to the body, improve mobility, tone and strength. A full body movement and workout for all ages, all fitness levels. 


Functional Training

Classes Coming Soon With Samsara Platinum

Our Functional Training Classroom for Women includes three, mindfully created programs, tailored to suit all fitness levels, and incorporating the whole body. Improve strength, agility, mobility & beyond.


Infrared Sauna's

Unlimited Bookings with Samsara Platinum

​Using near, far & mid-range heat; infrared saunas are said to help with detoxification, cell regeneration/anti-aging,  muscle recovery, improved sleep, relaxation & beyond...


Staffed Hours

Mon - Thur

7.00am - 6.00pm


7.00am - 11.00am


By Appointment



Ph: (07) 5563 9108


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